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  • Game Dev Notes #4 – Laser Defender

    These are notes from the Complete C# Unity Game Developer 2D Udemy Course And hey! Here it is: https://sharemygame.com/@squire/laser-defender-test

  • So, You Like to Play Castlevania?

    So, You Like to Play Castlevania?

    On retro gaming and save scumming. I had never played a Castlevania game before, so naturally I wanted to start at the beginning. I’m not like this with most series. Unless there’s a continuing story, a la Metal Gear Solid that I need to play all of the games to fully understand (“understand”), I usually […]

  • The 2020 Gameological Not Just Game of the Year Awards

    The 2020 Gameological Not Just Game of the Year Awards

    Following up on the tradition we started last year, the Unofficial Gameological Discord group has put together another year end list! Looking back on the blog, I only published one post this year, so even though I played a whole lot of games this year, I’ll let that say all I have to say about […]

  • The Plate Has Collapsed

    The Plate Has Collapsed

    How Final Fantasy VII Helped Me Grieve This post contains some light spoilers for Final Fantasy VII Remake from Chapter 12 on. It was the end of May when I started this post, and the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in New York City. The streets were quiet, save for the passing of sirens at […]

  • The 2019 Gameological Not Just Game of the Year Awards

    The 2019 Gameological Not Just Game of the Year Awards

    Ah, 2019. You kind of sucked. I mean I guess you started okay, but around the halfway point you took a turn for the worse and I’m glad to see you go. But you know what’s always been good to me? Games. I played a lot of games this year. Read into my escapism however […]

  • Rock of an Age

    Rock of an Age

    In the brief, halcyon days of peripheral based video games, one franchise shaped an entire generation’s musical tastes and knowledge. Sorry, I’m not talking about DDR.

  • Back to School

    Back to School

    If you could go back and do high school over again, with your adult brain and all your precious adult knowledge and experiences intact, would you do it? Games let us do just this, at least for a little while.

  • I’m Playing Final Fantasy XIV – Part One

    I’m Playing Final Fantasy XIV – Part One

    In which we create a character, learn what a tank is, and get very intimate with a troll.

  • Ocarina of Time III/Majora’s Mask

    Ocarina of Time III/Majora’s Mask

    I did it. After about three weeks of solid play, I’ve completed my first ever 3D Zelda game. It only took me damn near 25 years to do it. I won’t linger on it, because what else can be said about Ocarina of Time that hasn’t been discussed to death. But out of everything the game offered, […]

  • Ocarina of Time II

    Ocarina of Time II

    After two weeks with Ocarina of Time, I can’t stop thinking about it. How? How could I have made it this far in my gaming career without playing this game? Mostly, I’m having a blast seeing how the game transforms the all-star formula of A Link to the Past into 3D. For all intents and purposes, this is […]